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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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Four Key Elements of a Successful Private Club Fitness Program

1. Thoughtfully Designed Facility and Layout

Take the time to think through an appropriate design and layout of your facility that caters to your membership demographic. Ensure you are supplying your club with best in class equipment that will appeal to your members. Versatile and multi-purpose equipment is vital for conserving space. Be careful not to oversaturate your fitness floor with machines and cardio equipment. Leave space for functional training and allow your personal trainers to be creative in their programming.

2. Great staff/Great customer service

Hiring passionate and dedicated staff is essential to success of a club. Make sure your staff are there for the right reasons and show a willingness to continue to grow and develop and provide exemplary customer service. Relationships are key for retaining members and driving engagement in programming.

3. Provide a “no friction” experience

Members talk, and when they talk to their friends and fellow club members, you want them to be ambassadors of your brand. It is important that the experience your club delivers is simple, seamless, and superior. Choose easy to use customer relationship management software, allow easy access to programs and services, and don’t forget the little things. Go above and beyond for members to establish a fan base.

4. Provide Quality Programs

This is the icing on the cake. Ensure members have access to core programs they would expect to find at their other facilities. Consider having “out of the box” options for programming which elevate the experience. Offsite programming, bringing in special instructors, and adding a glass of wine to a class or workshop are just a few ways your facility can offer an elevated programming experience.

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