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Pinehurst Country Club


As the largest country club in Denver, Pinehurst Country Club is the ultimate playground for families of all ages and interests. In the summer of 2017 they grand opened their first-ever fitness center!

Aptly named "The MOVEment & Community Center", the fitness center is nestled among 16 tennis courts, and is a central gathering place for the Club's 900 members. With just 1,800 square-feet to work with in the fitness center (including a body work treatment room), it is essential that the layout and program is both efficient and evolvable.

Over half of the center's visits are with a professional, like personal trainers, private yoga instructors, massage therapists, nutritionist, body workers, and others. Three rooms comprise the entire MOVEment & Community Center, including a group exercise studio, strength and cardio room, and a treatment room.

Pinehurst Country Club's fitness and wellness center features LifeFitness cardio equipment and Nautilus' brand new Human Sport line of ground based strength machines. 

The center offers personal training, group exercise, massage, small group personal training, nutrition consulting, fitness games, VOLO Yoga, golf fitness, and Denver's only outlet for R.E.S.T. (Restorative Exercise and Stretch Therapy).

The center now produces 300% more revenue than other country clubs in its category!


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