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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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(Example) Letter to Membership Re: Fitness Center Reopening

Subject: How We're Thinking About Reopening

Hello Members, On behalf of the entire team at (Club), we'd like to take a moment to say thank you again for your loyalty and support. The past several months have been unlike anything we've ever experienced, and we're working hard to evolve so we can continue to show up in a meaningful way for you and our employees. Part of that has meant serving you in new ways, whether that's online or through Zoom happy hours. We want to continue to bring you the service and convenience you need, even if it may look a little different than it has in the past. As cities and states begin to share plans to reopen, we'd like to share an update on how we're thinking about reopening. It really can't be said enough—your health, and the health of our employees, are our priority. And every decision we make is through that lens. We want to be sure the approach we're taking to reopen is thoughtful, and that we're creating an environment that's safe for everyone. Our fitness center won't open all at once. We're going to take a phased approach, only reopening when:

  • it's allowed by state and local governments;

  • we're prepared with the right safety measures and protocols; and

  • we have confidence we can ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees and members.

When we do reopen, more than anything we want you to feel safe and comfortable when you're working out. We're making updates to our stores and the way we serve you to help keep everyone healthy. Some of those updates include:

  • conducting health screenings for our employees;

  • providing face coverings for employees and members;

  • taking steps to allow for social distancing of six feet or more, including limiting the number of employees and members in the fitness center and in classes;

  • increasing cleaning and sanitization;

  • modifying the group fitness experience;

  • continuing to offer virtual services;

  • pausing or adapting high-touch services and member events; and

  • altering hours of operation.

You can learn more about our approach to opening, details on how we're making the fitness center safe, and ways we're supporting our employees and community through this crisis on our website (link). Again, thank you for your continued loyalty. We hope to see you again soon, however you choose to engage with us. Stay well, (Fitness Director)


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