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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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Commercial Fitness Clubs: What Private Clubs Need to Watch For

Over recent years, the fitness industry has seen a swift rise in the number of boutique fitness studios throwing their hats in the ring. Customers are demanding more of their experiences and boutiques offer a more personal and often times more convenient approach to fitness. Relationships are created and often times boutiques follow a pay as you go pricing model. That being said, commercial fitness is still alive and well and gyms are taking note of the shift in the consumer mindset. When designing your facility and programming, watch for these three things in commercial fitness:

1. Technology

Box gyms are turning to technological solutions to up their game. These solutions are meant to enhance user experience, connect them to relevant programs and services, and track progress

2. Increase in social opportunities

Fitness is becoming an increasingly social activity. This is especially true amongst the millennial generation. Watch for a shift in the commercial setting to provide more social opportunities for members

3. Leveraging Group Fitness

Group Fitness is a great way to get members to engage in programs and meet staff to build relationships. Many commercial gyms have an expansive group fitness schedule to provide something for everyone. Watch for box gyms to double down on their offerings.

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