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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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The State of Private Club Fitness

The fitness industry as a whole is booming with new budget gyms and boutique studios popping up on every corner. Despite the competition in the fitness space, an opportunity has been created for country clubs to stand out amongst other clubs. Fitness is the future of country clubs and those that make it a priority will reap the benefits of adapting. Many clubs have already responded to this by updating their fitness centers, adding space, and working to implement more programming related to fitness. Members are asking for it and fitness is the way to engage the upcoming generations that are not playing as much golf. Gone are the days that golf was the primary reason for joining a club and fitness was merely an afterthought. Golf is now being looked at as an anchor for clubs with fitness being the big draw, especially to engage women, who have traditionally been less involved with private clubs. All generations are beginning to become more health conscious which delivers a prime opportunity for clubs to shift and integrate fitness as a key pillar in their offerings, rather than it being a second rate add on. Boutique clubs are and will be the biggest competitor with private club fitness, the question you must ask yourself is, what differentiates us from our competition?

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