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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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Private Club Appropriate Sales Techniques

What techniques for selling personal training, group fitness, and other programs are appropriate for your club? You must certainly approach this with the idea in mind that it needs to be much different than techniques used at commercial clubs and gyms. While some gyms are better than others, many focus too much on numbers and revenue. Neither of these are a great indicator of the value your fitness program adds to the club, nor do they indicate the positive influence your fitness offerings are having on your members’ lives. When thinking about appropriate sales techniques for your club, consider the following:

1. Establish relationships and connections with the members

Have your staff ask questions, get to know the members by name, and know their story. Building authentic connections are the easiest way to engage your members. Once they develop a sense of trust, they will be more inclined to take your advice and try new things

2. Ask for Referrals

Asking for referrals is a great way to connect to more of your members. Make sure that you have built a sense of trust with a member first, before asking for a referral. This is the number one way to increase sales.

3. Sell Results, not packages

Truly listen to what a member is telling you in regards to their goals and needs. Do not focus on how many sessions they may buy or what they think they want to spend, and focus instead on communicating to them how you can help them achieve the results they are after.

4. Encourage group and community programs

Members join clubs to be social and with like-minded individuals. Help foster this by connecting members with one another and encouraging them to participate in programming that engages them with the greater community of the club.

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