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Fitness Clubs = Communities

How to use fitness to create a bond amongst members

Imagine a world in which your members enjoy coming to the fitness center. Despite their busy schedules they look forward to working out every day.

This does not have to be a fantasy; it can become reality by creating a strong sense of community within your club. While this approach may seem obvious, it is easy to overlook the power of community. Too many clubs allow their members to walk in the door, get on a piece of equipment, complete their workout and leave, without speaking to a single person.

There are a number of creative ways to develop a sense of community within your fitness center.

The first step is to engage your members by getting them involved with the various services and programming offered at your club. Encourage members to take advantage of personal training, group exercise classes, wellness programs, youth programming and more.

Also important is to connect all members with your member experience team for follow up and education. The member experience is so important that it's worth devoting an entire department to its implementation.

A critical part of a positive fitness center experience is ensuring that members connect with other members, instructors and personal trainers. Help them build relationships with others in the fitness center. An easy way to do this is to host events.

Besides getting members engaged with activities in the club, it is also crucial to make sure they feel valued. Let members know how important their feedback is by conducing regular surveys.


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