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Fitness Pro Action Plan

Your Fitness Pros Need Direction

The thrill of the hiring-hunt is finally over. You sifted through resume after resume, conducted interview after interview, and your new fitness pro starts on Monday. It’s time to dust off the ‘ol on-boarding plan and cut this new fitness pro loose so she can do her thang. WRONG!

Hiring is important, don’t get me wrong. In fact, as we mentioned in Characteristics of a Successful Fitness Pro, it’s critical. As the late Steve Jobs once said, “You can turn C-players into B-players, and B-players into A-players, but you cannot turn C-players into A-players.” But building a business is much different than providing personal training services to a client. The two are mutually exclusive, and the former receives little to no attention by personal trainer certification organizations.

Fitness pros are generally left to their own devices to build their business at commercial gyms. Don’t make the same mistake. Invest the time and energy to develop your new teammate. An action plan is invaluable.

I am not talking about an elaborate strategic plan either. Your fitness pro is not a manager. She works the front line 90% of the time and she needs workable, simple strategies in order to be successful.

Start first with a plan to maximize the effectiveness of her clock-in hours (also known as floor hours or pro hours). It is during this time that your new fitness pro will be trying to get new clients, and delivering services to the most number of members. The time should be managed.

The First Tool: Managing Clock-in Hours

Sit down with your new hire and have a discussion around these six topics:

  1. Which departments outside of fitness can you visit to connect with members?

  2. Which departments can you team up with to connect with members?

  3. Are there any club events coming up for you to attend/connect with members?

  4. Would you like to attend a committee meeting to invite members to complete an orientation with you?

  5. What events are you hosting?

  6. What content are you producing, and how often are you producing it, for the newsletter?

In one meeting you will have helped provide a path for your new fitness pro to develop a clientele.

The Second Tool: The Business of Fitness Quiz

It is also important to schedule regular meetings with your fitness pro to assess her progress, and to help clear her ath to success. In an article (click here to read the article) posted on the CMAA Back of the House Blog Club Benchmarking emphasizes the importance of an HR Director approved on-boarding process. At 1000 Hills Fitness we use the following “Business of Fitness Self Assessment” to determine if each fitness pro is on track for delivering great service and building a business:

Question 1: Do you have any complimentary sessions scheduled for next week?

Question 2: Have you contacted any previous clients recently?

Question 3: Did you invite a non-client to join you in an exercise last week?

Question 4: Did you introduce yourself to a member you’ve never met this week?

Question 5: In the last week, have you intentionally affected your commercial, or the commercial around you?

Question 6: Have you made any cold calls this week?

Question 7: Have you offered fitness advice to a non-client this week?

You can even go so far as to score the quiz.

Answered yes 7/7 times = On track to becoming successful

Answered yes 5/7 times = Business growth will likely come

Answered yes 3/7 times = You are unlikely to see any growth in your business

These two tools will hopefully help you to mold a great hire into a great employee. Just remember the words of Maya Angelo, “Nothing will work unless you do.”

About 1000 Hills Fitness

Founded in 2011, 1000 Hills Fitness is a leading private club fitness operations manager and consultant, combining more than 40 years of operations excellence with private clubs and luxury commercial clients. The company has the expertise to cover every aspect of delivering a high value fitness and wellness experience for Members while reducing the high costs and stagnation often associated with the industry. The firm can provide an operations evaluation, staff development, strategic planning, equipment procurement, program development, recruitment, pre-opening of your new facility, and full-service supervision of your fitness and wellness areas in order to elevate the Member experience and enrich the overall value of the Club. For more information, visit or call 303-325-2640 to connect.



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