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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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Stop Letting Your Money Evaporate

Each year hundreds of dollars can go up in the air thanks to water and heat evaporation in your pools.

If your club features a swimming pool, you have probably come across the consequences of water evaporation many times, though you may or may not have realized it...

All swimming pools experience evaporation, regardless of shape, size or location. The amount of evaporation will vary based on a variety of factors including surface area, water and air temperature, humidity and wind.

At a simplistic level, here are a few general rules of evaporation:

1. The more surface area that is exposed, the more water evaporation there will be.

2. The bigger the difference between water temperature and air temperature, the higher the rate of evaporation will be.

3. The drier the air is (the lower the humidity), the more water evaporation will occur.

4. Lastly, the more wind there is, and the stronger it is, the higher the rate of evaporation will be.

What it all adds up to is money spent on keeping your pool full and comfortable.

Using a pool cover can help your club conserve water, reduce heating costs for heated pools, maintain water temperature in unheated pools and lower humidity levels in indoor pool areas.

Many clubs report savings on their energy bills of up to 40 percent, simply by using a pool cover! If you would like to lower the costs of operating your swimming pool, this should be one of the first solutions you consider.

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