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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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Youth Fitness Programming at Private Clubs

What are the benefits of offering a wide range of youth fitness programs?

It gives everyone in the family something to do at the club, for starters. So work hard to schedule activities at times when both the parents and children can be in the club being active. When a club can be a one-stop shop for families they are going to end up spending most of their time there, and with a positive healthy experience, they are going to be long-term members.

What is a popular youth fitness class?

The Obstacle Warrior class. Kids are given an opportunity to run around throughout the gym from obstacle to obstacle. Anytime you throw something in their way that they need to duck under, run through, swing from and push themselves while doing, they love it. In addition, they can be timed by trainers and encouraged and cheered on by their peers.

What qualities should youth fitness staff boast?

Youth fitness staff should really love working with kids and seeing their development. The energy and attitude you have is directly reflected in them. In that energy, patience is key. Kids respond much better being told what they can do as opposed to what they cannot.

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