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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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The Bay Club is Coming to Denver

The Bay Club Co. plans to expand its luxury brand beyond California's borders to other metropolitan markets, including Denver by the end of 2015, that have a focus on fitness, sports, family and hospitality.

"Our hope is to be in Denver by the end of 2015," Stevens says, adding that Denver has a similar lifestyle to the northern California market that The Bay Club Co. already inhabits with its luxury resort-style campuses. "San Francisco has a lot of similarities to Denver culture and the active outdoor lifestyle. We think that is the first natural market to go to outside of the California area."

The Bay Club Co. also boasts resort style country clubs in its portfolio. Will they acquire a country club in Denver? If they do then it will be a game changer for any club within its market radius.

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