September 2, 2019

Is there an industry more chock full of fads, trends, and other shiny things than in the fitness industry? Every day it seems like a new craze is taking over some metropolitan area, leaving us on the outside feeling like we are about to be light years behind the curve. 

But there is an important distinction to make between a fad and a trend. A fad often fades quickly once the novelty has faded. Think of pet rocks from the 1970’s. Whereas, a trend is a fad all grown up—an evolution into a long-term change.

One need not look far to find fads in fitness. Men’s Health published a great article on the top 25 fitness fads of all time, which included one-hit-wonders like ThighMaster, Tae Bo, 8-minute abs, and everyone’s favorite, the Shake-Weight (over 2 million units sold for $40 million in sales – who’s laughing now?).

If you are a club that values cutting edge (versus bleeding edge) innovation, then you’ll want to keep a close eye on the trends. Current trends include:

  • Home memberships (e....

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