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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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Expanding Horizons

Although operating your club at a high level is important, as you grow it’s important that you look to differentiate with new brands or concepts to keep things fresh. Some of these may be tied to your core competency, but others may follow your passions outside of the day-to-day club business.

I believe as executives, when looking to stretch your brand, it’s important to maintain passion. If your passion has been in the golf industry, look at new opportunities in that sector. However, if you have outlying passions, spend some time becoming more educated about other industries and markets. When you consider how to grow your own portfolio there are a multitude of options, but remember not to stretch yourself too thin.

Over the past few years I’ve known several directors that have stretched their bandwidth by getting involved in starting programs, but just found themselves adding a lot of unnecessary stress to their lives.

There are other ways to diversify without causing all your hair to fall out. You could discover great brands with hardworking ownership already in place.

Consider 1000 Hills Fitness.


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