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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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3 Reasons Private Club Fitness Can Compete

Here's 3 reasons why a small country club fitness program can compete with the local athletic club. With no other affiliation other than neighborhood clout, fitness centers (even small ones) can be a major attraction for country clubs.

1. Private club fitness centers (don't call it a gym please) excel at audience interaction.

2. Private clubs can provide more relevant programming to the club member.

3. Private clubs already foster a strong community amongst members.

Yet, many clubs allow their fitness program to be run by some local personal trainer, who only cares about selling personal training. This is like relying on local restaurants and bars to service your members’ F&B interests. Get involved. Ask your members what they want out of a fitness program, or outdoor recreation calendar, or educational seminars, or group exercise. If you ask they will answer.

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