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Scott Poston, M.S.

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Building Healthy Clubs

In an article published by CMAA, Bill McMahon had this to say:

Fitness in private clubs is the fastest growing aspect we see happening across the industry. Through our research with surveying over 1,200 clubs (representing more than 1.5 million members and spouses) and our Club Trends publication (co-published with the National Club Association), fitness is looked upon by club members as the third most important activity at clubs behind dining and golf. The latter two activities can vary by age groups, but we have found that fitness is equally important to all age groups. Being fit and staying healthy is the way of life for today’s millennial generation and clubs that provide the facilities this group is looking for will have positioned themselves for great success in the future. The Baby Boomers may be playing catch up to the younger generations, but they see the importance of fitness now more than ever. The interesting aspect of fitness is that it is evolving beyond a fitness center with just cardio equipment and some weights. The biggest growing aspect is centered on classes and having adequate space to accommodate them. Take a look at the list below from the American College of Sports Medicine on the fitness trends happening in our society today: • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): a good example is CrossFit • Body weight training • Strength training • Having educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals available • Personal training • Fitness programs for older adults • Functional fitness • Group personal training • Yoga • Nutrition and weight loss • Fitness programs for older adults Clubs are starting to take notice and provide what the national trends are showing. In the private club world, having specialized programs available to your members is critical to your fitness offering’s success. It is all about programming today.


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