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Scott Poston, M.S.

Founder & President

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The Benefits of Hosting a Health & Fitness Expo

A health and fitness expo features fitness demos of specific classes, complimentary fitness consultations, health screenings and nutritional counseling. The expo also gives you a unique opportunity to partner with local organizations and businesses to expose your members to resources that can compound the benefits of exercise and help develop a more holistic and comprehensive approach to health.

The expo also gives you a tangible reason to reach out to local organizations, an opportunity to show your members how seriously you take their overall health.

Members are able to bring friends to workout, sample services, receive a chair massage or try a group exercise class. Underlying the event is a strong commitment to building a healthy community, and ensuring that your members have access to resources that become an important part of their lifestyle, and giving your members tangible evidence of how seriously you take the endevour.


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