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Foot Golf Kicks Off - Part 2

Because the average person can only kick the ball 60 yards or so, one hole of FootGolf can be set up on a par three hole of a golf course. Two holes can typically fit on a par four, and three holes on a par five. With this setup, a foursome of FootGolfers can play 18 holes holes on a nine-hole course in roughly the same amount of time that a golf foursome can play nine holes. In this way you can send back to back a fourseom of golfers and FootGolfers.

In FootGolf, the ball spends much more time rolling on the ground than it does in golf. Players also need to wait until the ball floats back to shore if they hit the ball into ta water hazard. For these reasons, FootGolf is less suited for courses that are exceptionally hilly and feature a lot of water. FootGolf is not for every golf course. One of the plusses of the sport is its ability to attract millennials, which is FootGolf's top demographic.


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