Red Rocks Country Club


This is where 1000 Hills Fitness was born. 

1000 Hills Fitness founder, Scott Poston, contacted the club's general manager, a long time friend and colleague, and pitched an idea to start a company that provided fitness services to private clubs. The GM, Mark Condon, agreed, and 1000 Hills Fitness had its first client.

Red Rocks did not have a fitness center though, or even space to host classes, so Scott conducted fitness programs in members' homes, at a nearby church, and outside on club property. Scott wondered if it would work.


It was a tremendous success.

10% of the membership engaged in the fitness program, making it the 2nd largest private club fitness program in Denver at the time. The program included:


Mat Pilates

Run Club


At-Home Personal Training

Aqua Zumba 

Fitness Games

Ski Conditioning Classes


Wellness Evaluations

Flexibility Classes

Thank you to Mark Condon and Red Rocks Country Club for taking a chance on 1000 Hills Fitness.


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