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Full-Service Management


The mission of 1000 Hills Fitness is to elevate member engagement and club value through world-class fitness and wellness innovation for private clubs exclusively by equipping them with best practices to enhance marketability, management proficiency, and effectiveness while supporting innovation in programming and staff development.

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Trade magazines, expert consultants, and industry leaders have looked to 1000 Hills for private club fitness perspective. We appreciate every opportunity to contribute when we can.

Core Values

Integrity - operating at all times with the highest degree of honesty, reliability, and trust to enhance the image of our industry

Community - cultivate an environment of sharing, networking, and pride in delivering a critical component in the fitness industry

Commitment - to remain devoted to the fitness and wellness industries with enthusiasm and the highest level of customer service

Credibility - assuring that information provided by 1000 Hills is consistent with industry norms and best practices, whenever possible

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