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Is there an industry more chock full of fads, trends, and other shiny things than in the fitness industry? Every day it seems like a new craze is taking over some metropolitan area, leaving us on the outside feeling like we are about to be light years behind the curve....

This checklist is the product of our experience grand opening private club fitness centers. 1. Introduce a strategic plan for review/approval.

Colorado’s private club landscape remains optimistic-both for clubs and for prospective members.


Value is the operative word. On the programming side, clubs are offering more for the money than ever before. Monthly calendars brim with classes ranging from aerobics to t...

The National Club Association's 2016 Conference is coming up in May. We'll be there; will you?


We are especially looking forward to the special session on May 20th, "Fitness and Wellness Trends for Clubs: Keys to Future Success".


If you can't make it, then follow us on...

From the Club Spa and Fitness Association's spring newsletter:


"It is abundantly clear, spa and fitness remain the fastest growing segment in the Private Club Industry".

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