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Colorado’s private club landscape remains optimistic-both for clubs and for prospective members.


Value is the operative word. On the programming side, clubs are offering more for the money than ever before. Monthly calendars brim with classes ranging from aerobics to t...

The holy grail of club management is member retention. We discuss it, study it and work hard to improve it. But one aspect of engagement that is often overlooked is member behavior, especially in your fitness program.


Members help us grow our clubs, but in some ways th...

A quote from Dana Dichiara, Mountain Brook Club - General Manager

Originally published in the Club Spa and Fitness Association Summer 2015 Newsletter:

Fitness and Wellness is now one of the most popular amenities at our club and the program keeps growing thanks to the di...

How to use fitness to create a bond amongst members


Imagine a world in which your members enjoy coming to the fitness center. Despite their busy schedules they look forward to working out every day.


This does not have to be a fantasy; it can become reality by creating...

Increasing usage at your club is a key KPI in most retention strategies. A member’s usage is tied into a few key factors; are they using the club and do they see value in their membership? Usage is a key metric to track and take actions to increase. So how do you incre...

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