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Here are three key points to professional development: 1. The importance of a conversation, 2. What to do with pro hours, and 3...

Is there an industry more chock full of fads, trends, and other shiny things than in the fitness industry? Every day it seems like a new craze is taking over some metropolitan area, leaving us on the outside feeling like we are about to be light years behind the curve....

The Problem

The thrill of the hiring-hunt is very exciting. With each new resume that pings your inbox you cannot help but imagine how this new hire will positively changes your department’s DNA, and maybe even helps move the needle on your entire club culture!

But buyer...

Your Fitness Pros Need Direction

The thrill of the hiring-hunt is finally over. You sifted through resume after resume, conducted interview after interview, and your new fitness pro starts on Monday. It’s time to dust off the ‘ol on-boarding plan and cut this new fitnes...

Raising the bar on your self-serve fitness operation requires three simple changes:

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