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Ideas for products:


  ACSM affiliate products:

Human Kinetics


NASM-CPT Study Guide (free):



  profit and loss statement

  competitor data collection plan

  marketing calendar

  etc etc etc etc etc

Trend report

Management models analysis

All those kits

IC agreement

PT manual

  Exercise readiness questionnaire

  Medical clearance

  New client intake

  Trainer-client agreement

  health history questionnaire

  workout assessment

  fitness evaluation

  fitness integration tracking

  pre-personal training evaluation

  release of information

  workout tracking card

Housekeeping checklist

Equipment repair reporting

Equipment repair tracking

personal training package tracking

Daily checklist for FC supervisor

Equipment testing policy

Member use policies

Staff use policies

Massage manual

PT forms

  Liability waiver

  Sublease agreement (AFS)

  Client performance agreement (AFS)


  Quarterly progress report (AFS)


Conducting your first open house

Progress reporting

Wellness screen

Conducting an engaging First Session

Fitness office etiquette

PT expiration policy

Job descriptions

Interview guide to service-sales oriented staff

CEC money policy

Non-solicitation agreement

Non-compete agreement

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