October 24, 2018

When the word sales comes to mind, most people cringe.  The perception of sales is not great, yet is a core component of any successful fitness program.  Sales has evolved and it is a service that helps establish rapport and build trust amongst staff and members.  It is important to understand that there is a difference between sales and service and by providing quality service, sales will come as a result.  

For personal trainers or any staff trying to sell their services, a promotion, or a program, it is important that they have taken a few steps prior to getting to a sale.  The first step is having a conversation and authentically getting to know a member to establish an initial connection. After this has been done, it is appropriate to begin talking about what a member needs and learning more about them by asking powerful questions.  Questions such as, “what has your experience with previous personal trainers been like?” or “what do you like about...

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Grand (re)Opening During the COVID-19 Epidemic

When the time comes to reopen your fitness center, you will be pulled towards doing things as they were previously done. But the times have changed; the fitness industry has changed.

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How to Develop Private Club Fitness Professionals

This free guide takes you through the seven fundamental components of staff development for private clubs.


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A Perspective on Modern Fitness Management

This guide walks you through three essential updates to the fitness management playbook.

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