April 30, 2019

Private v. Commercial

Commercial fitness and private club fitness share many things in common: they both care about member engagement (though they define engagement differently), they both use fitness to entice users into the facility... and that may be it. The two industries are quite dissimilar otherwise. 

Private clubs care more about club value and member engagement than top line revenue, revenue per square foot, and sales closing rates. As well they should. Members of private clubs prefer not to be sold to; they prefer their club to focus on service and quality.

But not every SOP in a commercial fitness operation is bad. In fact, there's plenty going on that private clubs could benefit from. Commercial facilities are quite good at competing for members interests, and make no mistake--those commercial facilities are targeting your members (and winning in many cases).

I, your humble author, have worked in some luxury commercial fitness spaces. Here are some commercial fitness do's...

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